Groove is a way to create authentic dance experience.

It’s fun, simple, interactive and you can’t get it wrong.

If you can move you can Groove. 

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how is your weight.

No need any dance experience.

And like myself Autistic people can Groove and enjoy with it!

Groove is not only dance experience, it’s more than that…

Grove method  encourage you to listen and trust your body and love yourself truly. 

You can figure out what your body really likes and need, and to express your creativity 

There is no “correct” direction you need to worry about. 

We are united and unique

  1. Nobody cares what you look like dancing and if they do, it’s their problem
  2. Your way is the right way, When you do it your way, you can’t get it wrong!
  3. You are unique. You should look different so don’t copy anyone else.
  4. No one can do it for you.
  5. None of these principles work unless you put them into practice.

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