After six months later, I visited the Elan Valley. It was so interesting for me. First, I went to Elan Valley two years ago; then I stayed there for six months. From that day until now, my life has totally changed. My mindset, my awareness, my beliefs, my comfort zone, my lifestyle even my friends changed. It showed me actually life is an only discovery for ourselves…  And Elan Valley is where this discovery begins for me. 

When you have been through many painful, challenging experiences, finding a friend that you can share just a moment, and nothing else becomes more difficult. To be in the moment and appreciate peace. No stress and just comfort and trust. In city life, I forgot this reality, but I’m glad I remember it, and when I visited Elan Valley, I was able to experience this again after a while.  

Spending time near the river, surrounded by trees, allows me space to appreciate the world around me. We don’t need a lot of things to feel this peace. Which we forget…  This is a state of peace that cannot be achieved by constantly buying something, being happy depending on something or someone.

In nature, everything is so simple, even when it is wild, but people tend to make things complicated and why even communication becomes more challenging.  But in nature, communication happens naturally. You don’t need to do anything, being there enough to understand and be understood. I learned from the heart what it is to accept. I realise I can’t change people, and I don’t need to…

Being in nature, walking or hiking, dancing on top of the mountain, or near the river, cycling gives me a strong mind; it keeps my body working to look forward to many more years of activity. It is in the essence of freedom and self-discovery. 

I learned that what you do is painful and requires tremendous determination and a sense of purpose, and commitment to the task. This is the big part of self-discovery and who you are, how strong you can be.  And I know pain is not the problem; not discovering yourself is the real problem.

It was nice for me to see Elan Valley from a totally different perspective this time. Even a lot of memories I remember makes me sad, but I taught myself to be observed. I know suffering is a sign that I’m out of touch with the truth; suffering occurs when I clash with reality or when my illusions clash with reality when my falsehoods clash with truth, then I have suffered; otherwise, there is no suffering. That’s why I always feel happy, peaceful and fulfilled in nature.